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Relationships count! At Park Place Singles, we value and respect the relationships we have with each other, our members - fantastic Columbus Singles - and the great individuals and companies who continuously strive to make us the best organization we can be! We encourage the patronage of these professionals and their businesses.

New Logic Designers of Park Place Singles Site
NewLogic Designs
Our WebSite Designers

NewLogic Designs is a full service design company for Online Store (Web Shopping Cart), eCommerce, Web Design, Flash Design and Web Hosting. They specialize in designing, developing and marketing online stores for clients large and small. Their creative team will design a unique and memorable logo in print and web media. With a price structure to fit any budget, a professional website designed by NewLogic looks like a million dollars, without the price tag. Establish your online presence today. Located in central Ohio.

Personal Note from Park Place Singles: Boy, are they flexible! Dealing with the Singles Meeting & Dating scene and the Park Place Singles staff was an 'all new ballgame' for these guys, but they really stepped up to the plate. We recommend them highly.

Koenig Law Offices, Charles Koenig
Our Attorney

Yes, he is one of the Singles in Columbus - and a great attorney.

Typographic Printing Company

Our Printer

Typographic Printing Company is the one source for all your print communication needs.

They are much more than just a printing company! Since 1937 they have built a reputation for providing high quality products and unequaled customer service for a wide range of high profile clients around the country. They work with their clients from the creative design process throughout all stages of the print production process. Quality counts with the folks at Typographic!

2900 Banwick Road , Columbus , OH 43232 614.239.9090

Our Merchant Services Provider

With Descomm a small to medium size business can offer all the amenity's of a large scale institution by accepting not only Visa and MasterCard , but also American Express and Discover . Descomm is interested in your business for years not a profit today . By educating our merchants on the types of charges and fees that can be associated with merchant processing, we look to form a bond that cannot be duplicated. We are not interested in advertising unattainable rates only to inflate them on unknowing customers, we offer low competitive rates that stay low . Our main focus is serving customer new and old by offering the most comprehensive packages available.

Personal Note from Park Place Singles: Because we were considered a Dating Service or any type of Singles Organization, we were repeatedly turned down by merchant providers! Descomm listened to our hopes and dreams and saw we were not the typical 'fly by night' organization and made an exception for us. We made a point to meet them personally and to say 'Thanks'.

We have had a great experience working with the promotion and production staff of the following stations. They have been instrumental in reaching the Singles in Columbus to get our message out.

Click on the ad links and you, too, will appreciate their creative genius.

Columbus Singles Radio Spot

CD101 FM
Columbus' Best Alternative Station
Click here for radio spot

QFM96 Columbus Singles Radio Spot

WLVQ - Classic Rock
Click here for radio spot

Big Wazoo Columbus Dating Radio Spot

107.1 FM
Rock Radio
Click here for radio spot

WNCE Columbus Singles Scene Radio Spot

97.9 FM
Adult Contemporary Hit Music
Click here for radio spot

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