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Park Place Singles...
'Where Friendships Are Made & Relationships Are Formed'

is Coming Back! Be sure to read on...

Several years ago, Park Place Singles was an active organization where many Singles in the Columbus area enjoyed getting to know other singles in group events & member sponsored activities.
Friendships were made and strong relationships were formed through this non-threatening, fun singles community.
At the time, the Park Place Singles management had worked hard to provide professional offices, a beautiful interactive website, classy brochures, in depth contracts and more... but over time, the funds were not there for the advertising needed to sustain the membership growth.

It was a great disappointment to all when we had to close the doors.
And that's the way it would have stayed... except for all the requests we have had to bring it back! It seems that our members didn't care about all the extras we tried to provide... they cared only about the 'opportunity' the organization gave them:
  • Meeting and having fun with other quality singles in the Columbus area through the group events and member sponsored activities. See previous testimonies below.
  • Being a part of a relaxed & non-threatening 'community' who has shared interests
  • Communicating online through an interactive 'Member's Only' message board, activities calendar, instant messaging & chat
  • Now, we are stepping back and handing Park Place over to the singles who have a desire to make it happen again. THIS TIME... NO fancy offices and NO high price tags. Just the fun organization everyone enjoyed before. We promise.

    Obviously, a lot of the info you will see on the site has not been updated, but it will give you an idea of what's to come. There's a lot going on behind the scenes to launch the organization, but in the meantime, if you would like to be a part of this initial phase - as one of the organizers or just want to provide input, we invite you to contact us.

    If you would like to be kept updated for possible membership please feel free to fill out the form below. The first 25 members will receive 6 months for FREE, so be sure to stay updated! One more fun bit of information: in the next few weeks, we will be launching a free online dating site. Please also let us know if you are interested in this aspect of the organization when you fill out the form.

    No, we do not sell or share your information and no, we will not inundate you with emails.

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    Here's what a few of our original Park Place Members had to say....

    'RE: Park Place Singles...'

    * "I do believe in what Park Place Singles is doing. It is a 'First to Market' organization in the Columbus area because there is no other singles group/organization like it... it fills a niche."                          Scott C.

    *Had a great time Friday and at all the other events (I go to all I can). Just wanted to let you guys know how great Park Place has been for me. Divorce is a hell of a rough thing to go through and you guys have been instrumental in my bouncing back. Its just great to meet with a good group of people and hang out."   Mike

    'RE: Where Friendships are Made...'

    "I had looked into on-line dating, singles events, and such but never followed through because I was nervous about who I’d meet, and I didn’t want to feel the pressure and expectation that goes along with memberships to such organizations.

    I decided to check out Park Place because it sounded different from the other ones. There was no match-making involved - just a chance to get to know other singles like me. Although I was very hesitant to join and spent several days considering my decision, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

    It has given me the opportunity to meet friendly and - most importantly - genuine people and has also given me many opportunities to socialize with them in a variety of venues. Park Place is managed by caring, friendly, and hard-working people who, through the members meetings, repeatedly give the members the opportunity to make it OUR organization."                                                                                            Nicole

    'RE: Doing the Things you already Love to Do...'

    "That was so much fun!  Totally Awesome, I would love to go there [Shadowbox] again!!  Thanks for planning an event to a place that I have never been to before....very cool!"                                             Jackie

    "I have been so looking forward to finding something like this and I am happy that I found you. Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of Park Place Singles. I really enjoyed my first Park Place event [Happy Hour]... everyone made me feel so comfortable. I will be putting the word out to any singles friends about the group."                                                                                                           Kevin

    I had a WONDERFUL time! The show was amazingly hilarious and the company was just as great. I got to meet and talk to a couple of new folks and that is always fun! Great time and would definitely love to do it again!!!                                                                                                                                                    Paula

    ' RE: Where Relationships are Formed... '

    * "I joined Park Place before they were even officially open. I was having difficulty meeting quality singles in the usual outlets people use to meet each other. I believed in their cause and was eager to help in any way I could. Greg and I met at the first Euchre night and there was a 'spark'. For the next several gatherings, we got to know each other better and the rest is history. We plan to get married within the next year.

    Thank you, Park Place, for providing us the perfect environment to meet each other and establish a foundation for a wonderful relationship!"                                                                     Amy B. and Greg G.

    * Park Place Singles will never make up testimonials!
    These are actual statements made by our members.

    The next testimonial could be yours! Join Us.

    At Park Place Singles you will Have:

    - More Choices in your Social Life
    - Fun interaction with other Singles doing the things you already love to do
    - On-line Communications with other members through a Member's Only website

    We are not a dating service and we certainly don’t try to match you – after all, who knows better than you what you are looking for? We are simply a fun and affordable way for singles of all ages in the Columbus, Ohio area to meet today. After all, we were formed By Singles For the benefit & enjoyment of Singles of all ages!

    Join the Singles in Columbus who are making Park Place
    the 'Ultimate Social Club' for discriminating Singles of all ages.

    It's what you've been looking for!



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    We're bringing Park Place Singles Back!

    'An Activity Based organization where
    Friendships Are Made & Relationships Are Formed'

    Want to have some fun? We are currently looking for someone who is preferably Single and has experience in the Columbus Social Scene to schedule and host monthly activities for Singles in the Columbus area.

    This would only involve a few hours a week and is not a salaried position - compensation commission based. Could work into an 'owners equity' position or more. We are open to exploring options. Contact us if interested.

    In the meantime, feel free to explore our site and find out why - just a few short years ago - Park Place Singles was the premier place in Columbus for singles to meet in fun, group activities.

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