Park Place Singles started out with the involvement and VISION of a lot of people - singles that were willing to share their frustrations, hopes and dreams with us which helped to lay the groundwork for what you see today. Which is exactly why Park Place Singles is now 'about you', our members! Your individual ideas and efforts are what is now giving this organization a wonderful personality all its own and a pulse that's beating with vibrant activity! We know that as you continue to share your time, talents and ideas, Park Place Singles - your organization - will continue to be the most exciting place for a single to get involved today!

As the re-development of the site continues, we will be posting the information about those who have chosen to be involved in this great organization in the future. Stay tuned!



Picture of Audra: Park Place Singles V.P. of Marketing, Expert in Matching, Matchmaking, Online Dating, Columbus Singles Scene- Matching, and Dating Services, Match-making. Audra has personally tried online (or on-line) dating in Columbus, as well as dating services, but never ventured so far as personals.

Audra knows that not all singles are necessarily looking for a 'soul-mate', but they are all looking for better options of meeting and having fun with other sharp singles who may share their interests.  Having given up bars some years ago, Audra has met others on internet dating sites, blind dates, a dating service and yes - to no avail, she's even hung out at Home Depot from time to time with the hope of a chance encounter (& claims she likes shopping there)!

People tell her she's too selective and that at her age she can't afford to be! Her response has always been "I would rather be alone, as a single person, than feel lonely in a relationship with the wrong man. My parents have warped my sense of values. I am waiting for true love - not money or lust. Although, (she added mischievously), all three wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing!"

Audra knows she's not alone, which is why she was an instrumental part of forming Park Place. She has extensive experience in both sales and marketing. By building strong and honest relationships with her clients, she has become a top sales leader in each organization she has worked with. Most recently she was an executive with a 26 year old nationally known dating service giving her vast experience interviewing and getting to the 'heart' of singles from all walks of life. She has come to believe that when you bring quality singles together in an arena where they can do the activities they enjoy with likeminded singles, wonderful connections will be formed.

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